Build, Conquer, and Grow in the mobile strategy game DicTater!

After generations of working for the upper-cultivars of potatoes, you have led a rebellion to create your own, independent nation. But beware! Many other cultivars envy your land and power, and will mash you to pieces to take it away. Can you create a powerful enough empire?

You, our potato overlord, can build both powerful defenses and towering cities! Alternatively, you could conquer your enemies through advances in technologies, to take the potatoes that they grow. 

DicTater: Build, Conquer, and Advance

DicTater is a strategic micromanaging game that has constantly changing borders and wars. You will be forced to tap to run your administration, defend from enemy raids, and get saved from assassins! And of course, there are many, many, many  potatoes.

Every minute (in-game day), you will lose some of your potato people as sacrifices to the potato gods. If you run out of potatoes, you will lose the campaign. As time passes and you build more buildings  so that you don't fall behind in comparison to the other potato cultivars, the sacrifice amount will increase. You must be careful with how you develop your nation.

Special events appear throughout the game: anything from angry farmer unions to erupting volcanos. The narrative of the game is defined by your decisions and what kind of DicTater you strive to be.

DicTater is funded on Kickstarter!

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DicTater is like Civ 5 but on mobile, with engaging micromanagement, and POTATOES.

Coming to iOS and Android.

"Difficult to put the game down as you attempt to bring your legions of starch and carbohydrates upon other potatoes"

Happy Gamer